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As an integral part of the Kwathu Kollective, Kwathu Konversations serve as a dynamic platform for thought-provoking discussions, idea exchange, and collaborative exploration of diverse topics shaping our world. Through engaging conversations with experts, innovators, and changemakers, Kwathu Konversations aim to inspire creativity, foster learning, and drive positive change. Whether it’s exploring the latest trends in technology, delving into social and environmental issues, or sharing personal stories of resilience and innovation, Kwathu Konversations offer a space for meaningful dialogue and collective action. The platform was piloted within the Music in Africa project, and is presently being scaled under Bien Corporation Africa, in partnership with Cosoma – the Copyright Fund.

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Lawi: Music in Malawi

Francis Chris Phiri, better known as Lawi, is a popular Malawian artist. Lawi got involved with music at a young age, playing the guitar and pianos for the praise team at his local church.

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Nyali Muzik: Digital Content

KBG holds a BSc in I.T from the University of Malawi, and he began recording in 2007 when having discovered and nurtured his passion for music three years earlier.

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Sharmilla: Festivals in Malawi

Sharmilla has worked with the Lake of Stars Festival since 2009. Founded in 2003, the festival provides a platform for local artists to showcase their art to a global audience.

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