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As integral hubs of the Kwathu Kollective, Kwathu Koworking Spaces are dynamic centres of innovation and collaboration spread across Africa. These spaces provide vibrant environments where entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals come together to work, connect, and grow. With state-of-the-art facilities, flexible workspaces, and a supportive community, Kwathu Koworking Spaces empower individuals to pursue their passions and drive positive change. Our hubs are more than just places to work—they are communities designed to foster creativity, inspire innovation, and build lasting connections that transcend borders. 

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Become a part of the Kwathu Kollective, and become a part of our fulltime core team at the Kwathu Kowork Spaces.

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Kwathu Konnect

Get involved in your spare time. Attend a Kwathu Konnect event, and connect with our core team to discuss how you can contribute.

Young Professionals Training

M'mawa Apprenticeship

Gain professional experience. Apply for the M’mawa Apprenticeship programme, and kickstart your career in the company of fellow young professionals.

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