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Introducing Ezra Basha, a 28-year-old undergraduate student at Malawi University of Science and Technology(MUST).

Ezra stands out as a unique individual, driven by a deep passion for web development and digital marketing. His commitment to making a lasting impact in both fields is evident, combining his enthusiasm for development with a keen interest in creativity and innovation. Ezra is not your typical student; he is determined to leverage his skills and become a promising candidate for M’mawa Management Trainee Program at Ntha Foundation. 

Ezra begins his academic experience at the Malawi University of Science and Technology, where he is working toward a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Technology. He is a vibrant individual who is driven by a strong interest in modern digital abilities. He gets inspiration for his clear expression from the fields of web development, app development, system designs, and digital marketing. 

However, Ezra’s story goes beyond its original premise. He is participating in the M’mawa Management Trainee Program as part of a notable expedition with Ntha Foundation, initiative courteously co-financed by Bien Corporation Africa and other collaborators, is a full-time, volunteer training effort. The program offers comprehensive classroom education as well as practical on-the-job training in a variety of fields, including administration, communication, digital literacy, interpersonal skills, and professional ethics. Its goal is to provide aspiring individuals like Ezra with the necessary information and abilities to excel in the business world. Ezra has an interesting mission as a web developer and digital marketer.

Era aims at contributing innovative solutions that enhance the organization’s online presence, optimize user experience, and implement strategic digital marketing initiatives to drive engagement and achieve measurable results in the digital landscape. “my mission is to craft innovative and high-performing digital solutions that empower organizations to thrive in rapidly evolving technological landscape through creativity and innovation

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