COHORT 4 PROGRESS | M’mawa Apprenticeship Programme

In January 2024, we embarked on a journey with the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST), welcoming 8 talented students into our 6-month M’mawa Apprenticeship Programme. These students, hailing from diverse backgrounds in Business Information Technology and Computer Systems and Security, have since become integral members of our Kwathu Kollective.

The programme enhanced their educational experience through practical training and guided hands-on exposure and involvement in Ntha Foundation’s projects as well as providing exposure and access to the Ntha Foundation’s skills training programmes.

Cohort 4 Progress

Yesterday marked a significant milestone for our cohort as we welcomed lecturers from MUST to assess the progress and growth of our students. As we entered week 15 of the programme, it was time to reflect on the transformative journey these aspiring professionals have undertaken.

Reflecting on Growth and Development

The visit from the MUST lecturers provided an opportunity to reflect on the comprehensive skill set our students have acquired throughout the programme. From administration and communication to digital proficiency and work ethics, each student has demonstrated remarkable growth and dedication to their personal and professional development.

Student Feedback: Voices of Experience

During the assessment, our students had the chance to share their experiences and insights with the MUST lecturers. They spoke passionately about the hands-on learning opportunities, mentorship from industry experts, and the invaluable exposure to real-world projects that have shaped their journey.

Celebrating Achievements: Looking Back and Looking Forward

To mark the achievements of Cohort 4 and to acknowledge their dedication and hard work, we recently hosted a special lunch in their honor. It was a time to reflect on their journey so far, celebrate their successes, and look forward to the impact they will make in the remaining weeks of the programme and beyond. The lunch was filled with joy, camaraderie, and anticipation for the bright future ahead for these talented individuals.

Work With Us

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