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Meet Concern Matita, born on February 27, 2002. A dedicated young lady with a passion for leveraging technology to drive business success, Concern has charted an impressive academic journey and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology at the Malawi University of Science and Technology. 

Concern’s educational foundation was laid at Chipasula Secondary School, where she completed her secondary education. Eager to delve deeper into the intersection of business and technology, she embarked on her tertiary education journey at the prestigious Malawi University of Science and Technology. 

Currently, Concern is making significant strides as an intern at Ntha Foundation under the Mmawa Management Training Program. This full-time, fully funded voluntary training program provides in-class lessons and on-the-job training in administration, communication, digital and people skills, as well as work ethics. Through this program, Concern is gaining valuable hands-on experience, enhancing her skill set.Moreover, Concern aspires to contribute meaningfully to the projects assigned during her internship. She views this opportunity as a platform to apply her academic knowledge in a practical setting, actively contributing to the success of the initiatives undertaken by Ntha Foundation. By doing so, she aims not only to enhance her own capabilities but also to make a positive impact on the projects she becomes involved in. 

As she navigates the dynamic world of Business Information Technology, Concern is honing her skills in areas such as data analysis, information systems

management, and technology-driven business strategies. Her academic pursuits and internship experiences reflect a commitment to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving technological landscape. 

Beyond academics and her internship, Concern is driven by a vision to contribute meaningfully to the ever-changing realm of business and technology. Her approach is characterized by a blend of analytical thinking, strategic insight, and a strong commitment to continuous learning.

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